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Advanced Chromatography Software for Windows 10, 11 and beyond

With many different data acquisition configurations and licensing options offers total flexibility.   Chromperfect 8 offers full digital communication and instrument control of new and legacy instruments.  Choose a single software platform for your entire laboratory that is easy to add new instruments and users and your requirements change.

Chromperfect 8 Software

For larger laboratories with multiple instruments and users

Chromperfect 8 offers unrivalled levels of flexibility and is completely configurable to the customers requirements. This means it is the perfect solution for any multiple instrument laboratory, from small facilities with five or more chromatographs to laboratories with hundreds of users and instruments, who require the security and flexibility of a distributed chromatography  data system


Choose the hardware and software appropriate for YOUR laboratory

Chromperfect 8 is the only CDS that gives chromatographers complete freedom of choice when selecting hardware and software appropriate for the laboratory. Data acquisition and data acquisition/instrument control products are available to meet the needs of current and legacy instrumentation. Chemists experience a single user-friendly interface and is data are created in a common file format. This makes training and data transfer to the rest of the enterprise surprisingly simple.

Chromatograms overlaid
Chromatography data analysis

Flexible and powerful data acquisition

At the heart of Chromperfect data acquisition procedures are two very simple philosophies:1 Inclusive support for all your instruments!  2 Save time and get results FASTER!

Have you noticed how other software vendors are removing legacy instruments support from their software and abandoning their customers?


Chromperfect has no hardware axe to grind, this allows our customers to utilize new and legacy instrumentation from any manufacturer using one software system!

Chromatography data system for gas analysis

Application Software Modules

  • Chromperfect SEC/GPC Viscosity

  • Chromperfect Simulated Distillation

  • Chromperfect PCB reporter

  • Chromperfect Sample Automation

  • Chromperfect Analog-Out Software for Process Control

  • Chromperfect Streamlines Multi-Port VICI Valve Control

  • Chromperfect Instrumentation Set-point Control

  • Chromperfect Detailed Hydrocarbon (DHA) and Natural Gas Applications.

  • Chemometrics Software- Pirouette, LineUp and InStep from Infometrix, are fully compatible with Chromperfect 8

Data analysis - Now supports third party data

There are now options to analyze data generated from other popular data systems such as Chemstation/Openlab and others. Chromperfect offers freedom to choose how many chromatograms are displayed and analyzed at a time.  Key chromatogram information is only one right click away and active chromatograms can be displayed in tiled or overlaid view alongside the chromatography report. 

Data analysis for Chemstation and others

Chromperfect 8 Features


Incredible power and flexibility

  • The complete solution for any HPLC, GC, or CZE application

  • Instrument connection options for network, serial connections and analog outputs

  • A common software platform regardless of connected instrumentation

  • The most reliable integration features of any chromatography data system

  • Easy transfer of graphics and data to Microsoft Office

  • Flexible transfer for LIMS systems and external data

  • Most powerful/flexible analysis, reporting and summary of chromatography data

Simplified Licensing


  • Chromperfect 8 has been designed to allow larger labs to quickly and inexpensively add both users and instruments to their Chromperfect System

  • Analysis Only licenses available for remote data processing and review

Data acquisition

  • All instruments can be displayed in a single window regardless of type and model

  • Real-time integration and results during acquisition

  • Real time labels show elution times and amounts as the run progresses

  • Real-time annotations and notes directly on the chromatogram

  • Noise and peak adjustments can be tested and saved as you are acquiring the data

  • Method fine tuning can occur while your data is being acquired

  • Display a reference chromatogram in the background

  • Full flexibility for scaling and display of real-plots

Data analysis

  • Complete flexibility to choose how many chromatograms are displayed and analyzed at a time

  • Key chromatogram information is only one right click away

  • Every chromatogram displayed in the analysis program can be individually adjusted for plotting, integration, and reporting

  • Programs such as Rapid Review, Batch Processing, and Summary allow users to review, reprocess,
    and report data from multiple files

  • On-screen calibration editor allows graphic manipulation of peak labeling and calculations

GLP/GMP features

  • Fully documents all methods, sequences, and reports including instrument run logs. These features provide a complete, unbroken link from the initial experiment to the final results

  • Unique Chromperfect Bound Data Files prevent overwriting data and unintended user access to files, programs, and templates

  • Fully featured system manager offers multi level access and protection directly within the software

Fastest, easiest, and most complete summaries and reports

  • Full custom calculations without the cost and complexity of embedded data bases

  • Transfer ANY Chromperfect data via our easy LIMS interface

  • Shipped with over fifty custom report templates. All are easily modified by users

  • Produce multiple reports per analysis with completely unlimited reporting capabilities

  • Rapid review of reports

  • Easy data transfer of results

  • Easy LIMS interface

  • Automatically create pdf files

The above list is just a tiny selection of the features that are ONLY available with Chromperfect 8.
So to find out more why not contact us today.

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