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Chromatography Software Products.

Chromperfect chromatography data systems are all based around the same core software platform, however with different licensing systems we can offer a scalable purchasing solution which offers excellent value for money for any chromatography laboratory, regardless of the number of operators or instruments.



Chromatography data systems

Chromperfect Small Lab Edition

Small laboratory edition 

Supports 1 to 4 instruments


Chromperfect SL is a low cost chromatography data system designed to address the needs of small or mobile chromatography laboratories. Do not accept “lite” or “cut-down” chromatography software packages for your small lab. Chromperfect SL is the ONLY fully-featured chromatography data system for customers with a lower budget and fewer instruments.  Built on the foundation of Chromperfect 8, Chromperfect SL provides the most cost effective solution if you have up to four instruments in your lab. 

Chromperfect 8.

Multi-Instrument edition 

Flexible licensing for instruments and users


Chromperfect 8 is our flaghip product for medium to large laboratories that  need to connect multiple instruments and users.  Chemists experience a single user-friendly interface regardless of instrumentation and all data is created in a common file format. This makes training and data transfer to the rest of the enterprise surprisingly simple.

Chromperfect Client Server Edition.

Client server edition  

Centralized Security,
licensing and remote access


For customers looking for an enterprise solution, Chromperfect CS, client server edition offers all the power and flexibility the laboratory user demands, with the additional security and centralization required for a true enterprise client server chromatography data system.  Typically, Chromperfect CS is reserved for the largest labs or even multiple locations service my a central data centre.  

Upgrading to Windows 10 or 11?  Older versions of Chromperfect will not run on the latest operating systems but there is a simple and inexpensive upgrade path for all our customers.  Allowing you the benefits of the latest version of Chromperfect with 100% compatibility with your historical data  

Common software platform for chromatographic analysis and reporting. 


With our latest analysis software any laboratory can use the power and features of Chromperfect to analyze, compare and report their chromatography results, regardless of how the data was originally acquired.

Universal chromatography data analysis software

Chromperfect Unite Analysis software

Chromperfect Unite offers the ultimate data analysis, processing and reporting tool for labs with a mixture of different chromatography software systems. Opening third party files directly, Chromperfect Unite offers a common interface, unity, ease of use, powerful features and commonality across every instrument in your lab.

The latest version of Chromperfect Unite now natively supports all data files from most of the leading chromatography data systems including Agilent ChemStation and OpenLab*

Available as modular add-ons for any Chromperfect chromatography data system or Chromperfect Unite, Universal chromatography analysis software, the suite of application software offers further functionality, reporting and analysis options for specific chromatography applications or techniques.

Chromatography Apps (application software)

Natural gas reporting software.

Chromperfect Natural Gas Reporter Software


Chromperfect Natural Gas Software is designed to run on Chromperfect Chromatography Data System software. Produce complete reports of heating value (BTU/CF), compressibility,

and other natural gas properties as defined by the Gas Processor's Association Standard 2261-90. Works with dual-column, single-column, and back-flush methods. The Chromperfect

Natural Gas Analysis Software package consists of several files suitable for calibrating a gas chromatograph, analyzing gas samples, and producing both internal and customerreports. The package also contains many raw data files that may be used to validate calculations. Complete instructions for set up, operation, and validation of your system are provided. Documentation includes descriptions of all calculations.

Size exclusion gel permeation software.

Analysis software for size exclusion / gel permeation chromatography 


Chromperfect SEC/GPC Viscosity Software is easy to use. For analytical and polymer chemists who need to effectively collect, manage, and report GPC data, Chromperfect GPC/SEC software is a unique software application that utilizes the custom reporting and data analysis routines of the Chromperfect data system as well as providing features specific for managing your Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC), and Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC). Chromperfect PC/SEC software can provide the answers you need about your polymer.

Chromatography software for Cannabinoids

Fast, intuitive, automated data analysis software 

for Cannabis Laboratories


InterpretCannabinoids is a new chromatography data system from Chromperfect.  It has been designed specifically for data acquisition, analysis and reporting of chemical cannabinoids within samples from cannabis plant material. This is a booming business for many small analytical laboratories. However installing and operating a new software platform can be a challenge,  as these labs are often owned and operated by individuals who do not have a background in analytical chemistry.  The industry demands a fast, intuitive and reliable software platform for data acquisition and analysis for HPLC and GC instruments.   InterpretCannabinoids is the complete, turn key software solution.

PCB calculator and reporting software.

Analysis and reporting for multiple PCB Aroclors


Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) were once widely used materials. Most uses were banned in 1972, but due to their persistent and toxic nature, it is still necessary to analyze for PCBs. PcbReporter is designed to analyze data files for multiple PCB mixtures (“Aroclors”) and produce a unified report. Reports can be printed or saved as PDF files, either directly or after review by the user. Each PCB report is a compendium of formatted reports, one for the spike components, one for each Aroclor of interest, and one for summary information. The calculations and the layout of the report are completely under the control of the user. The information in PCB reports is available in machine-readable format for importing into LIMS.

Chromperfect Process Control CPPC

Chromperfect process control software


A new auxiliary software package for the Chromperfect chromatograph data system has been introduced. The Analog Output Module processes the results of chromatography,and controls a hardware module, which provides sixteen voltage or current output channels. These may be used to control an outside process, based on the results of chromatographic determinations.

Modbus software

Several Chromperfect modules have PLC-like powers. For the most part, they are MODBUS masters which communicate with Acromag devices, which are MODBUS slaves.

It happened that one of these modules was required to make report data available to a PLC via MODBUS. However, this could not be done directly, since the customer's existing PLC could not receive MODBUS messages because it acted only as a master, not a slave. For this reason, an intermediate repository was necessary. This is a MODBUS slave device, which stores the data generated by the Chromperfect modules and makes it available to the PLC.

Chromatography data acquisition options

Available for all Chromperfect chromatography data systems

Regardless of the make and model of your chromatography instrument or the size or layout of your laboratory - Chromperfect provides the most powerful, flexible and configurable data acquisition options available.

Gas Chromatography autosampler
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