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Please read the following and click the button at the end of the page to contact our technical support team.


1) What is technical support?

Technical support is defined as assistance, by phone, email or remote access, to customers when their Chromperfect system no longer performs as advertised.  

2) We only offer technical support for supported Chromperfect versions 

Below is a list of Chromperfect systems dating back to 2000 and the support options available for each version.

Click here to contact the sales team or call 973 586 8551 to discuss upgrade options.

3) Internet connection and remote access to your PC is mandatory for complex support issues

We can only offer telephone and email support for simple issues. If we can not resolve your issue over the phone in the first 10 minutes, a remote connection to your computer will be required.  This means that your PC must be connected to the internet and allow remote access.

4) You will need Administrator rights both on the local PC and the network to resolve certain issues

Chromperfect needs access to both local services on the PC, network access and reliable network communication to external hardware such as instrumentation this. We may require that full administrator rights are provided in order to install, configure or diagnose issues with your Chromperfect system.

5) Technical support is not user training 

Chromperfect is supplied with comprehensive manuals and a growing YouTube channel. If additional user training is required this can be purchased. Contact our sales team to find our more 

6) Technical support is not system implementation

Our technical support team can not help you implement Chromperfect to your lab SOP’s.  If you need help developing reports, methods, calibrations etc.  we offer implement service.  Contact sales for a quote for implementation

7) Technical support is not your desk draw!

The safe storage of your Chromperfect installation media is your responsibility. If your PC or Chromperfect license disk malfunctions we can not provide replacement software for you to reinstall your Chromperfect. 

8) Technical support is offered on Chromperfect software and hardware only

Some issues that you may experience may have nothing to do with our software. We can not offer assistance for issues caused by, but not limited to, Windows updates, anti-virus or security software, network or computer user restrictions, other third party software or PC hardware. 

9) Loss of key = Loss of license

Your license to use Chromperfect is contained on the USB key supplied with your system. This key needs to be inserted into a USB port at all times for Chromperfect to run. If you lose your key you will need to re-purchase the software.  

10) Your key is not a storage drive

Your Chromperfect USB key is not a standard USB drive. NEVER format the drive, edit, add or delete files from your USB key. 

I have read, understand and agree with points 1 to 11 listed above

Terms of service for technical support

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