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Client server chromatography data system

Chromperfect CS is the combination of over 40 years software development.  Taking all aspects of the Chromperfect “ecosystem” with a new focus on security, GLP, centralized management and administration, while maintaining a local redundancy within the lab to allow the enterprise to remain operational during time of temporary IT or network problems.

Client server chromatography software

Central administration with localized flexibility

At the heart of the Chromperfect CS data system is the unique, powerful and extremely flexible acquisition client and service which allows each installation to uniquely address both the needs of the IT department and the laboratory manager.  The acquisition client presents virtual instruments that provides users a common GUI for all instruments. The data acquisition server handles the different instrument hardware requirements behind the scenes.  With the service able to run on a local machine or a remote server the ability to respond and adapt has never been easier.


Flexibility in a managed and secure environment

Instruments are securely "claimed" by users. Once claimed, only users with sufficient privileges can control the instrument. Other users have freedom to view the status of acquiring chromatograms remotely over the network. If a user decides to leave the acquisition running while absent, control can be locked so no one except system managers can access the instrument. The client/server technology also provides a safe environment for busy networks. Once a sequence of data acquisition is downloaded to the server on the network, operation can continue to the end of the sequence

Chromatography data system server.

Security - user and group management

A centralized administration allows the system supervisor to quickly assign privileges and rights to any user group.  Allowing for multi-level access to the Chromperfect system for automation and tractability.

Centralized audit & history logging

The centralized security management console allows for  automatic system, instrument and user logging and auditing for full GLP compliance. System administrators can quickly, easily and accurately view and search various log files to pinpoint specific data or events quickly, easily and from a central location.  Reports can be generated based on system wide searches or data which is specific to a station, instrument or user.

Chromatography software on server.

Data Transfer to LIMS and the enterprise.


For years Chromperfect has been synonymous with powerful and flexible reporting and data management.  In a large client server system the need for flexible and configurable bi-directional data transfer is essential for automated integration of chromatographic data within the wider enterprise infrastructure.  With support for file or database transfer and integration, Chromperfect CS allows the system manager to quickly, seamlessly, reliably and securely add Chromperfect to the network.

Data validation and alarms

With a Chromperfect CS system controlling many instruments used by a distributed network of users, a centralized process of data checking is often essential. The Alarm utility provides a way to check the data as chromatograms are processed and, when appropriate, to raise an alarm.  Several kinds of alarms are supported. 

Chromatography Software data validation and alarms

CS features

Incredible power and flexibility

  • The complete solution for any HPLC, GC, or CZE application

  • Instrument connection options for network, serial connections and analog outputs

  • A common software platform regardless of connected instrumentation

  • The most reliable integration features of any chromatography data system

  • Easy transfer of graphics and data to Microsoft Office

  • Flexible transfer for LIMS systems and external data

  • Most powerful/flexible analysis, reporting and summary of chromatography data

Centralized administration and control


  • Centralized software license manager,  allows for scalability of users and instrumentation across the entire network

  • Remote monitoring and control of any acquisition station or instrument

  • Centralized security and user management

  • Centralized auditing, logging and reporting

Data acquisition

  • All instruments can be displayed in a single window regardless of type and model

  • Real-time integration and results during acquisition

  • Real time labels show elution times and amounts as the run progresses

  • Real-time annotations and notes directly on the chromatogram

  • Noise and peak adjustments can be tested and saved as you are acquiring the data

  • Method fine tuning can occur while your data is being acquired

  • Display a reference chromatogram in the background

  • Full flexibility for scaling and display of real-plots

Data analysis

  • Complete flexibility to choose how many chromatograms are displayed and analyzed at a time

  • Key chromatogram information is only one right click away

  • Every chromatogram displayed in the analysis program can be individually adjusted for plotting, integration, and reporting

  • Programs such as Rapid Review, Batch Processing, and Summary allow users to review, reprocess,
    and report data from multiple files

  • On-screen calibration editor allows graphic manipulation of peak labeling and calculations

GLP/GMP features

  • Fully documents all methods, sequences, and reports including instrument run logs. These features provide a complete, unbroken link from the initial experiment to the final results

  • Unique Chromperfect Bound Data Files prevent overwriting data and unintended user access to files, programs, and templates

  • Fully featured system manager offers multi level access and protection directly within the software

Fastest, easiest, and most complete summaries and reports

  • Full custom calculations without the cost and complexity of embedded data bases

  • Transfer ANY Chromperfect data via our easy LIMS interface

  • Shipped with over fifty custom report templates. All are easily modified by users

  • Produce multiple reports per analysis with completely unlimited reporting capabilities

  • Rapid review of reports

  • Easy data transfer of results

  • Easy LIMS interface

  • Automatically create pdf files

The above list is just a tiny selection of the features that are ONLY available with Chromperfect CS.
So to find out more why not contact us today.

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