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Data acquisition and instrument control

Chromperfect the independent chromatography data system

We have no hardware axe to grind! Chromperfect offers full support for all your instruments, even those which are no longer supported by the manufacturer. This allows you the freedom to maintain your investment in legacy instruments and upgrade to the latest model at your convenience.

7890 GC chromatography data acqusition

Legacy Instrument drivers

For over four decades our developers have been building a library of instrument drivers, which offer full instrument and autosampler control.  

Supported models include:

  • HP Agilent - 5890, 6890, 6850,

  • Agilent - 7890

  • Teledyne - Falcon Ultra-Fast GC

  • Perkin Elmer -  Clarus 480, 580 and 680

  • ThermoFisher - 1300, 1310, 1600 and 1610

Support for modern instruments with ICF and drivers

ICF is a central requirement for support of many new instruments from leading manufacturers such as Agilent, Shimadzu, Scion and others.  Support for the ICF platform was introduced with Chromperfect version 8.2 and we now support mosts current models from the main instrument manufacturers including the the Agilent 8890 and Intuvo GC's as well as a range of HPLC's.

The ICF software platform allow third party software developers to implement the manufacturers drivers directly, with out the need for developing custom drivers.  

The introduction of support for ICF, Chromperfect 8.2 can collect data and control any chromatography instrument with compatible drivers.  Contact your instrument manufacturer to discover whether these drivers are available for your instruments.

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