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Rely on us to individualize your Chromperfect software for your lab

Our experts can travel to your site to install, configure and customize your Chromperfect systems specifically to your data management needs and laboratory SOP’s.  As every customer site has different requirements for their chromatography data system, each will use Chromperfect in a unique way.  We can tailor a service exactly to your requirements and budget.

Dedicated project manager

When purchasing our onsite services, you will have access to a dedicated project manager, who will discuss these requirements and design a specific program to install Chromperfect system as per this design. Additionally more advanced implementation can also be included is the package. 

How does implementation differ from installation services

Generally the installation of a Chromperfect system is fairly straightforward.  Our engineers will be contracted to spend a certain number of days onsite.  They will install the software, connect the instruments, carry out performance, data acquisition and data processing testing.  They will also and then provide the key users with basic familiarization of the key features and operations of the new system. 

 Implementation is an extended service which customizes and integrates the Chromperfect system with the laboratory processes and wider enterprise systems.  It is full tailored to each customers unique requirements but may may include:

  • Instrument interfacing and control of key equipment

  • Method development

  • Customized reporting, calculation and alarming

  • Integration with enterprise systems such as LIMS, SAP and database systems

  • Data security and auditing

  • User and group policies

  • Production and process control systems

  • Customized software configuration and development

  • Chromperfect database installation and deployment

  • Data migration and archival 

We are here to help and ensure you maximize your investment in your Chromperfect system.  Contact our sales team today to start planning the effective rollout and/or customization of your Chromperfect system.

Chromatography data system installation

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