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Analysis software for HPLC and GC.
Fast, intuitive, automated data analysis software for Cannabis Laboratories.

InterpretCannabinoids is a new chromatography data system from Chromperfect. It has been designed specifically for data acquisition, analysis and reporting of chemical cannabinoids within samples from cannabis plant material.

Chromatography software for cannabis analysis
Chromperfect Cannabis software

This is a booming business for many small analytical laboratories. However installing and operating a new software platform can be a challenge, as these labs are often owned and operated by individuals who do not have a background in analytical chemistry.


The industry demands a fast, intuitive and reliable software platform for data acquisition and analysis for HPLC and GC instruments. InterpretCannabinoids is the complete, turn key software solution.


A comprehensive set of Chromperfect files allows fast, automated, push-button analysis and reporting of cannabinoids. The new innovative design and user interface means that operators with no prior experience can get accurate results in minutes.



Easy method development

Method, Calibration, and Report files are provided. Optional implementation services are available to customized the setup upon request.


Push button operation 

To analyze a sample, the operator need only enter the sample weight and other basic information, then click on a button. The software supports GC and HPLC instruments. Samples can be run autonomously as a batch using autosamplers, or the operator can inject manually.


Easy calibration 

The user can choose to run a sample or calibration with a simple check box. When Calibration is chosen, the data is transferred automatically to the calibration table. No spreadsheet cut-and-paste work is required.


Real-time display 

During the run, the operator can observe the developing analysis on screen.


Automated reports

Once the data is collected, it is processed within seconds. A report with the results is provided automatically. This is all completed without any human intervention. The report can be sent to a printer or to a PDF file. Calibration update reports provide a detailed record of the recalibrations.

Proxy component

If there is no standard for a component, it can use another component. For example, D8THC and D9THC.


Simple data management and archival

Every run creates a file, which can be used to recreate the report. A log file keeps a record of every completed analysis.


Powerful Chromatography data processing tools

Experienced operators may require more complex features. The standard Chromperfect modules are available with every InterpretCannabinoids data system. This includes the ability to compare multiple samples, alarms, data summary and much more.


Multi-Instrument support

The InterpretCannabinoids app has been designed for scalability and allows multiple instrument to be connected to the system. As your laboratory expands, you can still enjoy the easy to use, push button operation of the software but have the flexibility to add capacity to your data collection and processing needs.

Chromatography report for Cannabis
Chromperfect InterpretCannabinoids
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