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Navigating Chromatogram Plots: Unveiling Advanced Plot Options in Chromperfect

In our latest user training video, "Working with Chromatogram Plots - Other Plot Options," we dive into the rich features found within the Chromperfect Analysis program. These plot options, accessible under the plot pulldown menu, offer a spectrum of tools designed to enhance your chromatographic data exploration.

Let's explore some of these advanced plot options:

Undo Expansion:

  • Functioning like the BACKSPACE key, this feature steps back through manual expansions using the mouse, providing a convenient way to review and refine your chromatogram.

Chromatogram Properties:

  • Uncover essential information about the chromatogram, including Raw, Method, Calibration, and SEC Calibration files. Gain insights that contribute to a comprehensive understanding of your chromatographic data.

Peak Properties:

  • Delve into the details of specific chromatography peaks. Explore information such as peak number, retention time, amount, area, height, width, and various peak shape measures for a nuanced analysis.

Peak Calibration Plot:

  • Visualize a calibration plot specific to the chosen peak, offering a graphical representation that aids in calibration analysis.

Measure Noise:

  • Accurately measure the background RMS noise on the baseline. Additionally, this feature suggests a peak threshold value for the integration algorithm, contributing to precise data interpretation.

Copy to Clipboard:

  • Create a bitmap file effortlessly, allowing seamless integration into other programs like Microsoft Word. Enhance your reporting capabilities with this simple yet powerful feature.

Make PNG Plot:

  • Save a graphics file directly to your hard drive in PNG format, providing a versatile and widely compatible image file for your records.

As a user training and support resource, this video showcases Chromperfect version 8 with Windows 11. Keep in mind that different versions and operating systems may exhibit variations in behaviour.

Chromperfect, headquartered in Denville, NJ, USA, stands as the leading independent chromatography data system and software developer since 1982. Follow us on social media for updates and insights into the world of chromatography.

Embark on a journey of advanced chromatographic exploration with Chromperfect—where every plot tells a story.

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