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New Training Videos for Chromperfect Users

The Chromperfect YouTube channel is really growing and we expect to exceed 1000 subscribers in the coming months.

All Chromperfect users should subscribe to the channel and click the bell to be informed when we post new videos. Click the link to subscribe and view our channel now

User Training Playlist - Chromperfect Specific Features

We are currently in the process of going through the key areas of our printed manuals and creating engaging YouTube Videos to assist Chromperfect users who want training and tips on specific programs within the Chromperfect suite of Chromatography software products.

Although in the early stages there are currently 6 videos (as of the date of writing) included within the playlist

1) The Chromperfect Main Menu

Demonstrates how to use and customize the main menu for Chromperfect.

2) The System Manager

An important topic for any laboratory manager who is interested in data integrity and security. The Station Manager Program allows the administrator to setup up user log in and security policies to protect chromatography data.

3) The Station Manager

Within the Station Manager, the Administrator can set up the items and information that is saved to a audit trail or log file. It can also be used to limit the instrument that are available on this workstation

4) The Profile Editor

The Profile Editor can be used in sing user or multi user modes and can be used to setup specific setting which can make searching for files and setting up data acquisition easier and less prone to errors.

5) The History Program

The History program is used to view various log files including data logs, error logs, alarm logs and admin logs. It is a useful tool for laboratories who must conform to GLP (good laboratory practice) and other compliance requirements,

6) Chromatography Information Management /CIMS

The CIMS utility provides a way to search selected directories for Chromperfect files and create lists of files that match specified criteria. Output may be directed to the printer, a PDF file, an ASCII text file, or a Sequence file. Within its purview, CIMS can search as efficiently as some LIMS. CIMS is not intended to replace a LIMS, instead, it is designed to give the analyst the ability to preview the data before it is uploaded into the LIMS. CIMS will search Raw, Bound, Method, Calibration, and Sequence files.

If you would like more information about Chromperfect and our range of chromatography software products for HPLC and GC instruments, please call our team on 973 586 8551

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