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Chromperfect YouTube Channel is a great resource for learning, training and support

As our customers needs and demographics change, we are seeing an increasing demand for high quality, on demand training and support content. To address this new tread we have invested heavily in the Chromperfect YouTube Channel (#chromperfect or Users of Chromperfect should consider subscribing to the channel and clicking the bell notification to be informed when we upload new videos.


Getting started with Chromperfect

One of the first steps for new users of Chromperfect should the the four part "Quick-start guide and tutorial" A training and installation guide for new users of Chromperfect chromatography data systems and software. We cover a number of topics relating to installing, configuring your Chromperfect software, setting up search directories, configuring instruments and developing a simple method, calibration and sequence file

The video is split into different chapters to help users navigate to specific sections TIMESTAMPS

0:00 - Introduction & Chapter 1 - About This Guide

2:50 - Chapter 2 - The Chromperfect System

5:42 - Chapter 3 - Configuration & Setup

19:52 - Chapter 4 - Developing a Simple Method

Click here for the Chromperfect quickstart guide


Chromatography Theory Play-list

We have created a series of educational and training videos that focuses on the theoretical background for the chromatographic calculations and practices. This playlist consists of five chapters and seven videos which in total spans over 3 hours of high quality educational videos.

Chromatography Theory is a playlist is based on documentation which has been developed and improved over our 40 year history, we cover both academic and practical applications, making this an invalueable resource to Chromperfect users and students alike. The main topics are

Chapter 1 - Chromatography peak theory

Chapter 2 - Data acquisition theory for GC and HPLC analysis

Chapter 3 - Dealing with noise on a chromatogram baseline with digital smoothing

Chapter 4 - Chromatography peak integration.

As this is such a huge topic it has been split into three parts

Part 1 - Peak integration and detection

Part 2 - Integration timed events (automatic integration)

Part 3 - Peak identification and quantification

Chapter 5 - Chromatography calibration theory

Click here for the theory of chromatography playlist or the individual chapter links above


Chromperfect Training Videos Playlist

This playlist contains 15 individual videos at the time of writing. It is an invaluable resource and should be every Chromperfect users first stop to get answers, solutions and tips about every aspect of Chromperfect.

The playlist covers a wide range of topis from common mistakes users make, to addressing know issues and problems through to how to use the most common features of the software.

Click here for the Chromperfect Training videos playlist

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