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Every customer receives 12 months free support

During this time we will offer support services. For example:

  • Basic product training and familiarization for the employee who is responsible for the management and daily operation of the Chromperfect system.  This person will become the local Chromperfect “super” user who is responsible for providing additional training to other staff and colleagues.

  • You will also receive help and support with your Chromperfect system during the first year which will include telephone, email and remote support.  

  • Software upgrades will be provided at no charge via a download link 

Extended support agreements

After the initial period of free support, all Chromperfect customers have the option to extend this support on an annual basis. This includes access to our technical support team as well as all software upgrades at no additional charge.  

What are the benefits?

Keep your software and operating system up to date

The main benefit of extending your Chromperfect support is the knowledge that your system will always be up to date and compatible with whatever IT hardware and software you may use in the future.  As Microsoft continues to improve and update Windows,  it is not uncommon for older versions of computer software to be incompatible with these latest Windows revisions.

Peace of mind for your business critical Chromperfect system

Most of our customers are reliant on their Chromperfect systems for business-critical operations such as production, QC and R&D processes.  An extended support agreement offers peace of mind that you will receive priority support from our team as and when you require it.   “Rainy day” license.

In addition to priority access to the support help desk, a support agreement means that you can request a time locked service license.  This offers complete protection against any problems and challenges you might face with your Chromperfect system.  It also allows you to instantly reconfigure Chromperfect on a new PC if required,  you can get up and running within minutes in case of a PC failure.

Installation media

Customers who have purchased support agreements will receive software upgrades when they are available. They can also request a download link to the software meaning  that they never need to worry about losing the Chromperfect installation files. Please note that we can only offer download links and install files for the current shipping version of Chromperfect.

Special offers for support customers

Receive special offers and discounts on customer training services, implementation as well as hardware repair and replacement.

What are the costs?

The support agreement is tailored to each customer site and it is calculated based on the number and type of licenses installed.  The cost is generally less than 50% of the cost to upgrade a single version of Chromperfect and is a small fraction of the original purchase cost.

Contact our Sales team for a tailored quote for your support needs.

Pay as you go support services

Although purchasing an annual extended support agreement is the most efficient and cost effective way of maintaining your Chromperfect system, some customers prefer to use the “pay as you go” model.  

What is the difference with an annual support agreement? 

Software upgrades are purchased as and when required

Customers can keep their Chromperfect software updated by purchasing software updates as and when they are released. This can be to to add new features,  support for new instruments or to ensure compatibility with a specific version of Windows.  To purchase an upgrade contact our sales team (you will need your current Chromperfect serial number) and 

we can provide a quote.

Technical support charged on a per incident basis

Occasionally customers experience issues with their Chromperfect software and need to contact our support team.  For customers who are not on an annual support agreement this service is charged on a per incident bases in blocks of 15 minutes.  A credit card is required to proceed with this service

Chromatography software support

Software and technical support programs

Contact our team to
discuss your requirements

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