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Scion 8300 8500 gas chromatographs

Scion 8500 and 8300 Gas Chromatographs

There is now seamless integration of Chromperfect chromatography data software with Scion's advanced gas chromatograph models – the 8500 and 8300. We're excited to highlight how Chromperfect, combined with Scion's instrument drivers and Agilent's Instrument Control Framework, delivers a comprehensive solution for efficient and precise chromatographic analysis.

Chromperfect: Empowering Analytical Excellence

Chromperfect is a trusted name in chromatography data software, renowned for its powerful features, user-friendly interface, and robust performance. It's designed to optimize the workflow of researchers, scientists, and analysts by providing a comprehensive set of tools for data acquisition, processing, analysis, and reporting.

Scion 8500 and 8300 Gas Chromatographs: Cutting-edge Analytical Instruments

Scion, a recognized leader in gas chromatography solutions, offers the Scion 8500 and 8300 gas chromatographs, both known for their advanced capabilities, accuracy, and reliability. These instruments cater to a wide range of analytical needs across industries such as pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, environmental monitoring, and more.

Seamless Integration

Chromperfect and Scion's 8500 and 8300 gas chromatographs brings together the best of both worlds. This new control software ensures that users can harness the full potential of their chromatographic data while benefiting from the precision and power of Scion's gas chromatographs.


Key Features Instrument Drivers: 

Chromperfect integrates seamlessly with Scion's instrument drivers, enabling real-time communication between the software and the chromatograph. This integration ensures that data acquisition is accurate, reliable, and hassle-free.

Instrument Control Framework (IFC)

By leveraging Agilent's Instrument Control Framework, Chromperfect provides a stable and standardized platform for controlling and managing chromatographic instruments. This framework streamlines the control process, making instrument setup and operation intuitive.

Comprehensive Data Management:

Chromperfect offers advanced tools for managing chromatographic data, including flexible data visualization, peak integration, calibration, quantitation, and more. This allows users to extract meaningful insights from their analyses.

Advanced Analysis:

With Chromperfect's sophisticated analysis features, users can perform complex calculations, identify compounds, and perform peak analysis with ease. This aids in accurate compound identification and quantification.

Customizable Reporting:

The software's reporting capabilities allow users to generate professional, customizable reports that include chromatograms, spectra, tables, and graphs. This is invaluable for sharing results within the scientific community or with regulatory bodies.

Contact us today to learn more about Chromperfect's support for Scion 8500 and 8300 gas chromatographs, and discover how our software can streamline your analytical workflow, enhance data accuracy, and simplify reporting.

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