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Agilent and other HPLCs


Are you looking for an advanced chromatography data system that seamlessly integrates with your Agilent and other leading manufacturer's HPLC systems? Look no further! Chromperfect is here to revolutionize your laboratory workflow with its cutting-edge support for Agilent's Instrument Control Framework (ICF) and a range of other manufacturers' HPLC systems.

Wide Range of Manufacturer Support:


Chromperfect's capabilities extend beyond Agilent to encompass a wide range of HPLC systems from various manufacturers. How does Chromperfect achieve this level of versatility? By utilizing existing manufacturers' drivers, Chromperfect can offer support for a diverse array of instruments, 

How It Works:

  1. Driver Integration: Chromperfect leverages the manufacturer-provided drivers to establish seamless communication between the software and your HPLC instruments. These drivers act as bridges, enabling Chromperfect to control and collect data from various instrument models.

  2. Unified Control: Thanks to the integration of drivers, Chromperfect presents a unified control interface for different HPLC systems. This means that regardless of the manufacturer of your instrument, you can control and monitor your experiments through a consistent and intuitive user interface.

  3. Expanded Compatibility: By utilizing drivers, Chromperfect ensures that the software remains compatible with new instrument models and firmware updates from different manufacturers. This future-proofs your laboratory, allowing you to adopt new technologies without disrupting your workflow.


Experience the Chromperfect Advantage:


Chromperfect's support for Agilent's ICF and other manufacturers' HPLC systems revolutionizes the way you approach chromatography data analysis. With seamless integration, enhanced analytical capabilities, and cross-manufacturer support, Chromperfect empowers your laboratory to achieve more accurate results, streamline workflows, and drive scientific progress.

Find out more by watching our video 

Agilent HPLC instruments
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