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Size exclusion / Gel permeation chromatography software

A custom report program for SEC / GPC analysis. Producing calibrations and reports for primarily the analysis of large molecules such as proteins or polymers.

SEC size exclusion chromatography GPC gel permeation chromatography software
Size exclusion chromatography software

Accurate SEC/GPC viscosity

Software that is easy to use for analytical and polymer chemists who need to effectively collect, manage, and report GPC data, Chromperfect GPC/SEC software is a unique software application that utilizes all of the custom reporting and data analysis routines of the Chromperfect Data system as well as providing features specific for managing your Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC), and Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC). Chromperfect GPC/SEC software can provide the answers you need about your polymer.


Justice Laboratory Software does not limit the user to only the one or two types of detectors, users are free to select the best of breed.


Designed to accommodate the broadest range of detectors you choose; RI, UV, or DVD can interface to Chromperfect. Chromperfect makes it easy to review and edit baselines and integration parameters.

Chromperfect GPC/SEC detailed features

Data acquisition

  • 24 Bit external USB interface, requires Chromperfect

Calibration routines

  • All with 1, 3, 5, and 7 degree fits

  • As many as 50 Point calibrations

  • Narrow Standards, Simple Molecular Weight

  • Narrow Standards, Mark Howinck Constants

  • Settable Alpha and Kappa for both standards and Samples

  • Narrow Standards Intrinsic Viscosity

  • Universal, with or without, Viscometer Light Scattering

  • Broad Standards Integral Methods

  • Broad Standards (Yau Method)

  • Broad Standards Hamilec

  • All with or without Axial correction

  • Calibration Validation and error analysis

Peak integration features

  • Automatic peak detection for narrow calibration standards

  • Automatic internal standard correction of flow rates

  • Fully Automated with reports in Real time and batch reprocessing

  • Any number of report format/molecular weight distributions using the same method, the same Integration limits, set by molecular weights, or interactively with the mouse. Multiple Reference Peaks and smoothing functions. Any number of Molecular weight markers for reporting Area %

  • Integration options include settable noise threshold

  • Settable baseline anchors: numeric or graphic

  • Negative peak processing

  • Negative peak conversion

  • Negative Peak clamping

  • Settable retention time and half height identification

  • Report MW fractions upper and lower limits

GPC Plot options include:

SEC Baseline Processing range, Column range, and Calibration Range


SEC MWD Plot options include both differential and Cumulative Plots of:

  • Number Fraction

  • Weight Fraction

  • Z Fraction

  • (Z+1) Fraction

  • Viscosity Fraction


Plots have markers for:

  • Number Average MW (Mn)

  • Weight Average MW (Mw)

  • Z Average MW (Mz)

  • (Z+1) Average MW (Mz1)

  • Viscosity Average MW (Mv)

SEC Cal plot options include:

  • Standard HV curve and points

  • Standard MW curve and points

  • Calculated Mn Curve

  • Calculated Mw curve

  • Calculated Mz curve

  • Calculated Mv curve

Report output format

Formats include:

  • ASCII selectable format

  • CSV

  • Single line tab or comma delimited

  • Concatenated files

  • Windows .emf (enhanced meta file)

  • Chromperfect ZED file including user customized calculations

Chromperfect SEC chromatography report
Chromperfect SEC chromatogram plot
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