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Inficon Micro GC Fusion® Gas Analyzer

Chromperfect Unite The Platform To Capture & Report Data

Inficon has worked with Chromperfect to offer a powerful solution using the Unite platform.  The main Chromperfect acquisition module does not collect data from, or control, the MicroGC. However, data files produced by can be converted into Chromperfect Raw or Bound files and processed with the full power of Chromperfect.

The MicroGC Data Reader is an auxiliary program which monitors several MicroGC instruments. As runs finish, the chromatograms are uploaded and stored as JSON files (with extension IFR, for Inficon Raw File) in a directory that is watched by the Chromperfect Sentry Service.

The Sentry Service, in turn, converts the IFR file into one or more Raw files, which are given the name of a Chromperfect Method file, and processed according to that Method file. Typically, the result is a Bound file and a report, either printed or in a PDF file.

When the Sentry Service is not available, IFR files can be converted into Raw files manually, using the Convert utility in the Chromperfect File Editor. Alternatively, an IFR file can be opened directly by the Chromperfect Analyze program, which will display the chromatogram(s) therein. Bound files can be generated in this way.

About the Inficon Micro GC Fusion Gas Analyzer

Micro GC Fusion offers significant throughput gain through rapid temperature ramping and modular architecture. The transportable, lightweight chassis and web-based user interface enables simplified operation for both on-site and in-lab gas analysis.

Micro GC Fusion is a proud winner of the prestigious 2014 R&D 100 Award!!

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or contact the manufacturer directly.

About Chromperfect Unite

Chromperfect Unite is the universal data analysis program for third party data formats.  It allows users to control the instrument and collect data from a third party software or hardware platform and then seamlessly access these data files within Chromperfect. 

For more information about Chromperfect Unite click here 


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