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Universal Chromatography Analysis Software Suite

Natively supports third-party data files from chromatography data systems allowing a single analysis and data processing platform for the chromatography laboratory. 

Chromperfect Unite Analysis software

Keep your existing data acquisition software 

Having made a significant financial investment in a software from the instrument manufacturer, customers often find data analysis, reporting and processing can be time consuming and frustrating. Chromperfect Unite offers a unified data processing environment for the entire laboratory and allows for the seamless import of data from multiple sources, including the data systems from the leading instrument manufacturers. Whether you are looking for data analysis, to produce complex chromatography reports, compare chromatographic trends or export data to LIMS,  Chromperfect Unite offers a powerful software and a common data processing platform for customers who have an incumbent  data systems for collecting data and controlling their instruments.


Now supports Agilent ChemStation /Openlab data files

If you are looking for chromatography analysis and reporting software for Agilent ChemStation or OpenLab data files, Chromperfect Unite is the perfect choice.  Continue to use your Agilent software to control instruments and collect data,  but enjoy the ease of use and power of Chromperfect for your data analysis, comparison and reporting

How does it work?

Chromperfect Unite shares the same core software as the fully fledged data system versions.   The user can open data from any other software system using the seamless and automatic file import system to allow data files to be opened directly within Chromperfect Unite.

Chromatography Data Analysis Software
Chromatography software training

What are the benefits?

No need for time consuming or complex import procedures, standard data file formats open directly within Chromperfect Unite.

  • One data processing system throughout the laboratory, regardless of instrumentation or data acquisition source.

  • Reduced staff training costs -  lab users only need to learn one software system.

  • Increased efficiency with Chromperfect’s powerful feature set and time saving operation.

  • Instrument control handled by native data acquisition system.

  • Low cost multi-license Chromperfect Unite allows installation on multiple PC work stations.

  • Compliance for CFR21 Part11

Can be paired with our chromatography apps

  • Size Exclusion Chromatography / Gel Permeation Chromatography

  • Natural gas reporter

  • PCB reporter

  • Infometrix Chemometrics software tools 

  • CFR 21 part 11 compliance with dedicated database system 

Other chromatography app compatible

Unite features

Chromperfect Unite

One data processing platform

  • A common software platform regardless of connected instrumentation

  • The most reliable integration features of any chromatography data system

  • Easy transfer of graphics and data to Microsoft Office

  • Flexible transfer for LIMS systems and external data

  • Most powerful/flexible analysis, reporting and summary of chromatography data


Seamless integration

  • Standard file formats, Chromperfect and ChemStation Openlab data files can be opened natively

  • Background automatic processing of data to BND format

  • Data can be opened and processed with a predetermined methods and calibration file to speed up data processing

  • Batch reprocessing allows access to entire data archives

Data analysis

  • Complete flexibility to choose how many chromatograms are displayed and analyzed at a time

  • Key chromatogram information is only one right click away

  • Every chromatogram displayed in the analysis program can be individually adjusted for plotting, integration, and reporting

  • Programs such as Rapid Review, Batch Processing, and Summary allow users to review, reprocess,
    and report data from multiple files

  • On-screen calibration editor allows graphic manipulation of peak labelling and calculations

GLP/GMP features

  • Fully documents all methods, sequences, and reports including instrument run logs. These features provide a complete, unbroken link from the initial experiment to the final results

  • Unique Chromperfect Bound Data Files prevent overwriting data and unintended user access to files, programs, and templates

  • Fully featured system manager offers multi level access and protection directly within the software

Fastest, easiest, and most complete summaries and reports

  • Full custom calculations without the cost and complexity of embedded data bases

  • Transfer ANY Chromperfect data via our easy LIMS interface

  • Shipped with over fifty custom report templates. All are easily modified by users

  • Produce multiple reports per analysis with completely unlimited reporting capabilities

  • Rapid review of reports

  • Easy data transfer of results

  • Easy LIMS interface

  • Automatically create pdf files

The above list is just a tiny selection of the features that are ONLY available with Chromperfect Unite.
So to find out more why not contact us today.

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