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Chromatography Data System for Thermo GCs

Thermo 1300 and 1600 gas chromatographs

Chromperfect Chromatography Software - the cutting-edge solution that seamlessly integrates with the Thermo Scientific 1610 and 1310 Gas Chromatographs, revolutionizing the way you analyze and manage chromatography data.


This powerful software is designed to provide precise control, efficient analysis, and comprehensive data management for gas chromatography applications, elevating your laboratory's analytical capabilities to new heights.

Chromperfect Chromatography Software offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies instrument control, method development, and data interpretation. With its intuitive design, both experienced chromatographers and newcomers to the field can easily harness the full potential of Thermo Scientific 1610 and 1310 Gas Chromatographs. The software's compatibility with these high-performance instruments ensures seamless communication, enabling users to achieve accurate and reproducible results.


Instrument Control

Chromperfect Chromatography Software boasts a seamless connection with Thermo Scientific 1610 and 1310 Gas Chromatographs, enabling users to control and monitor instrument parameters in real-time. This facilitates precise sample injections, temperature programming, and detector settings adjustments, all from within the software interface.

Method Development:


Tailoring chromatographic methods to specific analytical needs becomes effortless with Chromperfect. The software provides an intuitive environment for method development, allowing users to optimize separation parameters, set up gradients, and fine-tune detection settings. This streamlines the process of achieving optimal separation and peak resolution.

Data Analysis

The software's advanced data analysis tools enable rapid processing of chromatographic data. Users can easily visualize and interpret chromatograms, perform peak integration, and calculate key parameters such as retention times, peak areas, and peak heights. This enables accurate quantification and identification of compounds within complex samples.

Chromperfect Chromatography Software is a game-changer in the field of gas chromatography analysis. By seamlessly integrating with Thermo Scientific 1610 and 1310 Gas Chromatographs, it empowers laboratories to achieve higher levels of precision, efficiency, and productivity. Whether your focus is on routine analysis, method development, or research, Chromperfect is your partner in achieving accurate and reliable chromatographic results.

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