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Chromperfect Unite: A Universal Chromatography Analysis Software Suite

In the ever-evolving realm of analytical chemistry, researchers and scientists constantly seek tools that streamline their data analysis and reporting processes. For those who have made substantial investments in data acquisition software from instrument manufacturers, this quest often leads to time-consuming and frustrating experiences. The answer to this challenge is Chromperfect Unite, a unified data processing environment designed to simplify and enhance your laboratory's data processing capabilities.

Universal Compatibility

Chromperfect Unite stands out as a universal chromatography analysis software suite. Its core feature is its native support for third-party data files from various chromatography data systems. This support allows laboratories to consolidate their data analysis and processing onto a single, powerful platform, regardless of the diverse data sources employed.

Seamless Integration

The key benefit of Chromperfect Unite lies in its ability to seamlessly import data from multiple sources, including data systems from leading instrument manufacturers. Whether you need in-depth data analysis, complex chromatography reporting, trend comparison, or data export to Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), Chromperfect Unite has you covered.

Agilent Compatibility

In addition to providing a unified platform, Chromperfect Unite offers native support for Agilent ChemStation and OpenLab data files. This means that you can continue to use your Agilent software for instrument control and data collection while harnessing the ease of use and analytical power of Chromperfect Unite for data analysis, comparison, and reporting.

Efficiency Boost

Chromperfect Unite eliminates the need for complex import procedures by opening standard data file formats directly within the software. This streamlines data processing and reduces the time and effort required to train laboratory staff.

Efficiency is further enhanced by Chromperfect's robust feature set, delivering time-saving operations, and maintaining native instrument control through your existing data acquisition system. The software's cost-effective multi-license option allows installation on multiple PC workstations, making it accessible across your entire laboratory.

Compliance and More

Chromperfect Unite ensures compliance with 21 CFR Part11 and can be seamlessly paired with various chromatography apps. Its features include compatibility with Size Exclusion Chromatography/Gel Permeation Chromatography, Natural Gas Reporting, PCB Reporting, Infometrix Chemometrics software tools, and dedicated database systems for CFR 21 Part 11 compliance.

Feature Highlights:

  • Universal compatibility with third-party data files

  • Seamless data integration from diverse sources

  • Native support for Agilent ChemStation/OpenLab data files

  • Enhanced efficiency and reduced staff training costs

  • Robust feature set for streamlined data analysis

  • Multi-license option for cost-effective deployment

  • 21 CFR Part11 compliance

  • Versatility to pair with chromatography apps

Chromperfect Unite is your key to unifying data processing across your laboratory, simplifying your workflow, and ensuring you have the power and versatility needed to meet the demands of modern analytical science. Whether you're in pharmaceuticals, environmental monitoring, petrochemicals, or any other industry, Chromperfect Unite empowers your laboratory with a common data processing platform.

Join the journey of precision and innovation in the world of chromatography with Chromperfect Unite.

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