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Navigating Chromperfect's Analysis Program: A Guide to Plots

In this blog post, we're focusing on the Analysis program within Chromperfect, specifically addressing topics covered in our video tutorial titled 'Chromatography Analysis - Working with Plots.' This video is part of a series that dissects sections of our main manual.

Analyzing Chromatogram Plots:

The primary objective of this presentation is to provide practical insights into working with chromatogram plots within the Chromperfect data system. The discussion covers

techniques for handling both single and multiple chromatograms, emphasizing the tools available in the Analysis program.

Tiled and Overlaid Modes:

A significant aspect we'll be delving into is the comparison between tiled and overlaid modes when dealing with multiple analyses. Understand the functionalities of both modes and how they can be effectively utilized for chromatogram interpretation.

User Training/Support Video Details:

The user training/support video uses Chromperfect version 8 with Windows 11. Users should be aware that different versions and operating systems may yield varied results. Chromperfect, located in Denville, NJ USA, is recognized as a leading independent chromatography data system and software developer.

Connect with Chromperfect:

Stay informed about the latest developments by following Chromperfect on social media here. Explore our featured playlist for a comprehensive collection of video tutorials and valuable insights that can contribute to your understanding of chromatography analysis.

You can find our featured playlist here.

This blog post serves as a factual guide to navigating Chromperfect's Analysis program. Whether you're dealing with single chromatograms or exploring tiled and overlaid modes, the emphasis is on practical, actionable information to enhance your chromatography analysis capabilities.

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